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KCA 12 Hour Result

You can now download the provisional result of the 12 hour by clicking here.

A new record was set by Steve Berry of the San Fairy Ann with over 276 miles. The winning Team was the GS Stella with 753.106 miles, and the Fairies second with 693 miles.

Congratulations to all the riders. The formal result sheet will be issued in due course.

Esther Thank you all for making this a very succesful event Esther

Anyone Lost a Wheel

At the 12 Hour on Sunday someone left a wheel at Great Engham Crossroads. If it is yours can you contact Esther

12 Hour Record Broken

Steve Berry of the San Fairy Ann broke the 15 year old association 12 hour record yesterday when he won the 2010 KCA 12 Hour. Pat Hill proudly announced the result in the hall at the end of the event. More on this story on the KCA 12 website . The result will be posted here as soon as Peter Stone has finished checking the distances.

12 Hour

There are 54 entries for this year's 12 hour. You can down load the start sheet from the 12 hour web site

12 Hour Update

The number of entries for the 12 hour is up to 32. There ae still a few weeks to go so don't forget to send your entry to Esther. You can see who is riding on the 12 Hour's own webiste at

Wigmore CC Hill Climb

As I have said often enough. "Nothing Happens Unless One Makes it Happpen". When I got this Show on the Road way way back in 1976 I was told by those in the know that I would be wasting my time. The Kent CA Hill Climb had recently been taken off the Calendar because of lack of entries.

There have been highs and lows but in the main I reckon it has been well worth the effort. An entry of 74 has been the best and last year saw 66 riders on the card. Only bettered on 3 previous occasions. Nationally there are around three dozen such events on the Calendar each October and in terms of entries in recent years this event has been about the 6th best supported. My target is always 60. Win some lose some.

To celebrate the 25th and 30th year an added attraction had been a Trad Jazz Band playing for 2 hours in our HQ field on the summit of the North Downs. And so for the 35th year it will be the same again. Southville Stompers Dixieland Jazz Band will be there to play from around 9-30am.

Since moving to Lincolnshire 10 years ago I have travelled down to Kent to continue to run "My Baby". This year will be my last, as I will be finally handing it over. For sure I will miss it. My wish now is to bow out with a bumper entry. Joke

 35th Annual Open Hill Climb

(incorporating the Kent Cycling Association Championship)
 ( currently 10 clubs that use this event for their own Championship)

Sunday 3rd October
 Course QHC/11
Hollingbourne Hill.
(1300 yards approx)
4 miles East of Maidstone
Over £650  in Prizes


1st place £50 with awards down to l0th place.
1st Vet £20 awards down to 4th place
Fastest Lady, Junior and Juvenile £10 each.
 Fastest Team of 3 riders £10 each.
20th place and every 10th place thereafter £5 each..
 A 6" Plaque will be awarded to the fastest Kent C.A. affiliated rider.

£50 to the Winner if  Course Record is broken.
(currently held by Rafal Radziej 3-01.7)

£250 from Simon Hill our Host to the winner if 3 minutes is beaten.
You will be entertained by Southville Stompers Dixieland Jazz Band.


Entry Fee is £7-50.
 Please make chques payable to D. Laidlow and  send along with CTT Hill Climb Entry Form by September 21st
Doug Laidlow, 17 Fen Road, Little Hale, Sleaford, Lincolnshire. NG34 9BD. Tele: (01529) 461018.

KCA 12 Hour

There is a list of riders for the KCA 12 Hour on the 12 Hour's own webiste at The course has been updated for various changes, and you can now "fly" the course (you need the Google Earth plug in - if you don't have it the site automaticly directsyou to where it can be downloaded).

2008 and 2009 Year Books

John Clegg has produced comprehensive booklets for the annual luncheons. I found an email from John with the 2008 Year Book. You can downloaded it here. I also have added a copy of the 2009 version here. Many thanks to John for producing these useful and informative documents.


KCA 12 Hour Course

Please note that the course details previously shown on the website were the 2009 version. In 2009 the event avoided Tenterden due to road works. At present the intention is for riders to use the Tenterden circuit in 2010. The course details on the web site are now correct.

New KCA web site

As part of a tidying up of all the various sites linked to the KCA this is the final stage with a new design for the main site. The old site was built as a a temporray measure because of problems with the company that was hosting the site. Unfortunately the problems with the company affected 5 sites I look after. I hope that the new site will be more attractive and interesting.

I expect there will be a few teething problems so if you spot anything amiss please email me.