This page has a list of the Association officials. Please e-mail the e-mail any amendments.

Any queries please contact the e-Mail Secretary

President - Mrs Pat Hill spacer

Postal address Oak Acre, Bell Lane, Biddenden, Ashford,
Kent TN27 8LD
Telephone number 01580 291737

Vice Presidents

John Clegg
Vic Williams
John King
Nobby Holdstock
Mrs Beryl Holdstock
Mrs Esther Carpenter
Les Hayman
Paul Mepham

Chairman - Michael Morris


Secretary - Max Nunn

Postal address 2 Iffin Cottages, Iffin Lane, Canterbury
Telephone number 01227 785111
e-Mail e-mail Secretary

Treasurer - Shaun Williams

Postal address Mount Pleasant Farm, Flimwell, East Sussex TN5 7QP
Telephone number 07500 122316
e-Mail e-mail Treasurer

Time Trials Secretary - Peter Hayes

Postal address 95 Marvels Lane, Grove Park, SE12 9PH
Telephone number07831 623837
e-Mail e-mail Treasurer

Social Secretary - Rory Hopcraft Postal address 24 Spenlow Drive, Chatham ME5 9JT
Telephone number07447 458607
e-Mail e-mail Social Secretary

Historian - John Clegg

Postal address13 Quickthorn Crescent, Chatham, Kent ME5 0TL
Telephone number 01634 868543
e-Mail e-mail Historian


Paul Mepham (Reliability Trial Secretary)
Bob Giles
Jim Holland
Ann Burden
Ray Whibley
Richard Boxall (CC Bexley)


Tony and Val Peachey